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Lendahand is an impact investing platform that allows you to fund proven entrepeneurs across the world and earn up to a 3- 6% annual return.

Now €25 on your first investment on us! You can start investing from as little as €50! 

Please note that our €25 offer will be automatically deducted when check-out on your first investment. The code is not valid in combination with other codes.

Know Where Your 

Money Goes

Our experienced team selects proven companies and local partners that need funding to grow their businesses. We then put these on the site as “projects” for you to crowdfund.

Choose How Your Money is Used

You choose which projects you want to crowdfund based on what’s most important to you, such as job creation or environmental impact.

See the Impact You Make

Help improve local communities by creating jobs, improving their access to basic needs, and building a sustainable financial system that benefits everyone.

Receive repayments on your account every 6 months (including interest) and never pay a monthly fee.

An account that keeps growing

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Impact Investing

With over €30 million in repayments back to our investors, Lendahand has a proven track record of providing only the highest quality investment opportunities.

Over 4,300 People Make Impact with Lendahand

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