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Lendahand is a crowdfunding platform where you can invest in proven small businesses in developing countries and meanwhile earn up to 6% annual returns.

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With over €17,4 million in repayments back to our investors, Lendahand has an experienced track record of providing only the highest quality investment opportunities. And validated with our win as Best Crowdfundingsplatform 2018 by

Hard Work Meets Opportunity

In developing countries, small businesses don't have sufficient access to the capital they need to grow. Lendahand gives you opportunities to invest in these businesses.

2. Invest in Projects

Small businesses that need funding will be featured on our website as what we call "Projects." Simply choose a project you like, choose the amount you want to invest, and then complete your order.

3. Earn Interest 

Depending on the terms of the project you choose, you'll start receiving interest and principal repayments (portions of your original investment) in regular intervals, i.e. every 6 months.

4. Make an Impact

The small business you fund will receive the money and put it to work in their business. Your investment will create jobs and help fight poverty in countries like India, Mongolia and Kenya.

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Eliminating poverty while providing returns to our investors of up to 6%. That's our business.

Over €1,000,000 in Interest Payments to Our Investors so Far

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